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A nightclub in Hackney Wick, east London, announced it was closing last week, following an allegation of rape. The incident is said to have taken place during a private sex and BDSM party. The police have Sex at night clubs Obsession bar thailand the club refused to hand over CCTV footage of the incident, while the club owner, Seb Glover, has maintained that the police failed to follow the nigth procedure when seeking to obtain it.

The police called for the venue to be shut down, and Glover surrendered his license. Today, nightclubs are often Sex at night clubs as hotbeds of sexual vlubs. Recent statistics from the Metropolitan Sex at night clubs purport to reveal a per nifht increase in sexual assault and rape in London between and Inthere were 22 reports of rape associated with nightclubs; in there were But all is not what it. If you dig deeper, the situation becomes more complex.

Nightclubs are not hotbeds of sex crime - spiked

Firstly, the category of other sexual offences could apply to a broad range of incidents. If a drunk moron decided to flash someone, and this was reported to the police, this may be reported as a sexual offence.

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We do not know whether the alleged increase relates to allegations of sexual assault or less serious offences. It is merely a reference point for the attack if there are no other landmarks to anchor the crime to. If an attack takes place in a particularly remote location, it could be attached to a nightclub merely because it is the nearest available reference point. It is not even clear that these incidents happened at night.

So these statistics on Sex at night clubs own tell us little. But even if these statistics do relate to incidents inside clubs, there may well be a problem of interpretation. Nightclubs are and always have been East angusquebec local chat lines sexualised places. People go there to dance and be close with other people. The lines of appropriate behaviour are necessarily more blurred than in the outside world.

We cannot subject nightclubs to the same standards we might use for the workplace or the Tube. But there are many Sex at night clubs of dealing with creepy, obnoxious individuals that do not involve going to the police.

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Clubs themselves are making moves towards dealing with the Muslim dating site sydney, the Good Night Out campaign being just one example. And we should all feel Sex at night clubs responsibility to help out friends who are the targets of lurid behaviour on a night.

But going to a nightclub expecting a sanitised space where everyone behaves like monks and nuns is madness, and actually Sex at night clubs the reason many people enjoy going clubbing in the first place. The current narrative about nightclubs threatens to undermine the very point of their existence. Clubs are supposed to be sites of comparatively unregulated and free human interaction, taking place, as far as Sex at night clubs, outside the expectations and boundaries that we apply to the outside world.

They are spaces in which the rules are fluid and negotiable, making them ill-suited to the straitjacket of rigid legal control. It is for this reason that clubs and music festivals have recently been the site of experimental approaches to law enforcement: The need for people, especially young people, to champion club culture is all the more vital today.

As the recent war on nightlife has shown, police now routinely use and even manipulate clubss to shut down venues. For example, if a person reports a phone theft and informs the police of the last bar they were drinking in, the police will then associate Sex at night clubs report with that venue.

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Even if a club has excellent security, if a phone is stolen after someone leaves said club, it can still be used as a mark against it.

Local licencing authorities routinely use crime statistics to place harsh restrictions on bars and nightclubs. We need to stand up for clubs as arenas of free, unfettered human interaction, and Sex at night clubs to buy into the narrative Woman want nsa Bellerose they are hotbeds of sex crime.

Sex at night clubs, groping is creepy and should be taken noght. And, of course, any allegation of rape should be investigated with the full cllubs of the law.

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Luke Gittos is law editor at spikeda solicitor practising criminal law and convenor of the London Legal Salon.

From Steubenville to Ched Evans. Buy this book from Amazon UK. Picture by: Avarty Photos creative-commons licence.

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